Halifax Rainmen drop-in

What an unexpected surprise we received while walking into the gym and being greeted by local basketball superstars, the Halifax Rainmen! Everyone was excited to meet the visiting players and listened intently as they told us their stories. After some games, dance offs and prizes, a shoot-off took place. Separating on either side of the gym, students cheered for their fellow teammates and the rainmen with whom they were opposed. After much suspense and thrills, the rainmen won out by a single point, a close tie ( although they may have just been easy on us). After the bell rang we were all presented with a prize of our own, two tickets to their game that upcoming weekend! The visit proved to be a major highlight of the week, everyone gaining good messages and high spirits from the motivational speakers.

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Skate and Golf

Starting off the school day, classes organized parties and fun activities to do together. This of course was only the start of the fun planned for the day! After being put into groups for the cars, everyone made their way to the rink, where eager students hurried to get their skates on and get onto the ice! The excited students then drove to “Putting Edge” , sorted into new groups, and started putting away! Pizza and soft drinks were available for lunch and were finished up in no time! The day came to a close at  2:30, when parents came by to pick up their kids, exhausted from the fun-filled day they had just had. Hats off to the SA, and all parents and teachers involved, for pulling off such a great event!

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