Spirit Week

Spirit week this year was a blast. Our themes for this year were Formal day, Twinsie Tuesday, Senior citizen day, International day, and plaid day (Mr. Scott day). It was great to see everyone participating and showing some school spirit.

international day old people plaid day 3


Every year our school gets invited to attend the Northern New England music clinic in Freepot Maine. This is always a highlight for our school and is such a fun time no matter what. This year everyone who attended had such positive things to say about their experience.

jess and isabelle singing girls singing

Valentine’s Day

This year to celebrate Valentine’s day we did something a little different. We all got together in the gym and decorated our own cupcakes. We had so much fun personalizing our own cupcakes with our prayer groups, and having a little friendly competition with the others.

Valentines day 3Valentines day 2Valentines day 1

Christmas Concert

After months of practice, practice, practice, the SLA Christmas concert finally arrived. And what a beautiful night it was. It was great to see everyone’s hard work paid off as the bells were rung, the instruments played and as everyone sung praises to the Lord.

Fall Fun Hour

On october 17 all the students participated in the school fall fun hour. They all were very creative as they sat with their prayer groups and made colorful turkey hats. They also took part in a relay race which included crawling under a table, rolling on a mat, bouncing a ping pong ball and finding pocker chips inside a avery slimy pumpkin. It was wonderful to see the younger and older kids getting along so well, as well all enjoyed the hour.

fall3   fall2  fall


What an amazing time we all had at the Carnival. The gym was transformed into a game wonderland with all the games, food and crafts that were there. The families that came had such a great time playing and spending time together as a family. They spent time playing games, getting their faces painted, taking pictures, and eating lots of great food and treats. It was very nice to see people supporting the school as we work to fundraise for the upcoming mission trip.

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40th Anniversary & Alumni Weekend

What an amazing weekend this was! Sandy Lakes 40th anniversary and alumni weekend was filled with lots of memories, stories, pictures and music, to top it off there was an interview with two of the SLA founders. We were all blessed by pastor Gordon Pifher (a former area pastor), Melvin Boutilier and Verena Longard (SLA founders). They each told us stories about the work and effort that went into the building of SLA. It was amazing to hear about the miracles that took place in the beginning and the miracles that continue to happen at our school. In the beginning they had nothing but  a vision, and they knew that the only way that vision would come true is if they kept their eyes on the Lord. And thank the Lord that is exactly what they did.

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Holocaust speaker

How blessed we were to have the opportunity to experience such a heartfelt and moving presentation. Mr. Philip Riteman, a holocaust survivor, shared his experiences and memories of his painful years of concentration camp, the ghetto and the loss of his family. He told us of his upbringing, the day in which he was captured and freed, his life afterwards and his few fond memories he had come to cherish throughout the years. Being mute on the subject for 40 years, it was evident that coming to share his story with us took a grave amount of courage and we, as a school, were very fortunate he chose to share it with us.




Boy, what a trip this was! The sleepy early birds made their was to their designated vans and prepared for the long journey ahead, many a snack crammed into their carry on bags. After passing through New Brunswick and crossing the border, the students enjoyed a relaxed dinner at Olive Garden and shopping at a local mall, providing an excellent opportunity to stretch their legs and get some tasty food. The Music Clinic seemed to pass by in the blink of an eye, with the help of the wonderful and talented conductor Mr. Chesney as well as the great fellowship of the students from surrounding schools who attended as well. Driving home, most of the choir students enjoyed a long, well deserved nap, some perhaps reflecting on what a great weekend they had experienced, surrounded by the presence and love of our Lord.113pinetree 2Pine tree

Halifax Rainmen drop-in

What an unexpected surprise we received while walking into the gym and being greeted by local basketball superstars, the Halifax Rainmen! Everyone was excited to meet the visiting players and listened intently as they told us their stories. After some games, dance offs and prizes, a shoot-off took place. Separating on either side of the gym, students cheered for their fellow teammates and the rainmen with whom they were opposed. After much suspense and thrills, the rainmen won out by a single point, a close tie ( although they may have just been easy on us). After the bell rang we were all presented with a prize of our own, two tickets to their game that upcoming weekend! The visit proved to be a major highlight of the week, everyone gaining good messages and high spirits from the motivational speakers.

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