History of Sandy Lake Academy

1927 – Sandy Lake Academy began as a small church school in the basement of the Halifax Seventh-day Adventist Church.

1960’s – In the late 1960’s the student enrollment grew to over 40, it became imperative to begin plans for a larger facility to accommodate students from Halifax and the other area churches.

1972 – This expansion process began and with the help of our church leaders, God made available to us a beautiful piece of property on the shore of Sandy Lake in Bedford. With much sacrifice, the members of our area churches, and other dedicated individuals from around the Maritimes, provided materials and funds to complete our current building. The construction began in 1972 and by 1974  our new school building was completed. This building consists of six classrooms, a computer lab, science lab, industrial arts room, gymnasium and library.

1974 – The school opened its doors with 90 students in Grades 1 – 10. During the 1979-80 school year, Grade 11 was offered by correspondence.

1981 – The Maritime Conference and the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada authorized Sandy Lake Academy to offer Grade 12; and in June of that year we had our first graduating class.

1988 – We opened a dormitory facility that enabled students from all over the Maritime Provinces and beyond to study at SLA. We have the capacity to house 10 males and 10 females in our dormitory.

1997 – Beginning this school year, Primary for the first time. This program offers structure in an activity-based setting, to prepare students for Grade 1.

2000’s – Today we continue to provide a full academy program and have expanded our high school offerings to include more information technology and business classes to keep pace with the demands of society.

2009-2010 – We celebrated our 35th year at our current location!

2011 – In the fall of this year, our enrollment rose dramatically from 56 students to 73.

2012 – God blessed us again with another increase in our enrollment. We now have 80 wonderful students. Also, we completed a new ball field to enhance the physical education and recreation programs of our school.

2014 – Sandy Lake Academy celebrated their 40th Anniversary!

2014 – Plans to further expand our program are underway.  For the first time, Sandy Lake Academy will offer Junior Primary.